Addendum to "A Radical View of Personal Development"

Is the answer out there, or, is it already available to you but you are not aware of it?

Why does one try to achieve something, anything, beyond the necessary things in life?

When is enough, enough?

Why do people feel that it is important to compare oneself to anything or anybody?

  • one’s standing in life
  • one’s abilities
  • one’s income
  • one’s wealth or lack of it
  • one’s health or lack of it
  • one’s good fortune or lack of it
Why should it even matter?

If Personal Development has any importance or meaning at all then it is in the direction of helping one to see your own misunderstandings, shortcomings, and how they relate to others, and life.

So it all boils down to “Who are you”?
Not the “defined”, conditioned you. That, you have to realize before you can proceed any further.
But, who are you beyond the obvious?

If Personal Development interests you at all,
then the above questions must not escape your careful attention.