What and Why?

What do we believe and why do we believe it?
What do we think and why do we think it?

Do we think or does thinking happen, like breathing?

Try to stop breathing – and after you can hold your breath no longer
… the breathing resumes. Do we breathe or are we breathed?

What is meaning other than the meanings that we personally confer
upon the objects of our attention?

What is of value other than what we imagine to be of value?

Consider this carefully.

Who are you if you remain at the mercy of what you call your thoughts?

Can you see beyond the limitations of those conditioned impulses?

The truth is there at the core of what you are – the very heart of being.



You and Reality

Approach each new day
As if it were the very first day
Of your awakening
From sleep.

Open your eyes,
And sleep no more.

Give your total attention
To each new day,
As if you had no idea
Of what that day holds in store for you;
Because you really don’t know!

Let it be a surprise,
And you will see everything
With fresh eyes – like the seeing of a child
But with greater maturity.

You may have things planned out,
Meetings to attend,
And things to do:
But do not judge what is to happen

You have access to a wealth of wisdom:
But any prejudgement
Will deny you access to it
When you most need some insight.

What is of true value
Cannot be counted on your fingers.

Meet each new day
With favourable anticipation;
From an inner space
Of innocence.

There you may truly meet
For the very first

But it will be
A timeless

Then anything that you touch
With love and attention
Will manifest most

Are the witness
Of manifested


Self-enquiry and Happiness

It appears that almost anything that humans
pursue in life has some connection to
at least the idea of happiness if not
happiness itself.

So what is this happiness that we all seem to seek?

That state has been described as "The Kingdom of Happiness",
which is phrased very similar to "The Kingdom of Heaven".

So why is it that so many people in the world are
seeking this state or "Kingdom of Happiness"
but they are not really finding it, or experiencing
that happiness without certain limitations?

Are we looking in the wrong places?
Is there some technique involved that we are not aware of?
Do we have a totally wrong idea of what happiness is all about?

Are VALUE and sharing component parts of this happiness we seek?

Some people find happiness but it is temporal, it does not last long,
or it is conditional - certain conditions have to be met or fulfilled
to maintain a state of happiness.  This might be referred to as
relative happiness.

Relative happiness always seems to be offset by periods of time
when a state of unhappiness predominates.

Can you have one without the other,  or are we looking at this
happiness business in the wrong way?

I am sure that you have heard something like this:
"Oh, if I only had X or Y then I would be soooo happy."
And then when X or Y is obtained, happiness is there for a while,
but gradually that happiness begins to fade.  Now a state of
unhappiness sets in.  Why does that happen?

The above is a little example of the kinds of things that help
an individual raise their state of awareness by bringing attention
to how they perceive certain aspects of their life experience.
This is an example of self-enquiry. 

Careful, and targeted self enquiry is the most productive
approach to personal development and much more.
Perhaps you would like to give it a try. 

The enquiry is not done to find definitive answers but to discover
how you think, what you think, why you think what you think and
how it all adds to personal growth and direction in one's life

This is one of the earliest steps in the Mastery of Self.

Real Value

Much of the sorry state of “people’s lives” and the world today is due to
a materialistic interpretation of life.  Pointing this out does not speak
against earning money, providing for loved ones and the needy and making the
best contribution one can to life, of which he or she is a part. That is wisdom.
Any other approach is foolishness.

It is not long before we end our sojourn on this planet and then what?
What value have you experienced and shared with your loved ones
(including neighbours, which is the rest of the world)?

The things of value in life are not measured by money or popularity
or personal importance of any sort.  Who or what you really are is more
important than any thoughts that promise glory and phantom values.

The “heart” of you is of incalculable value.
It is a treasure to discover – the very purpose of life one might say.

When the “heart” of you awakens, life reveals a new dimension.
A simple breath of sweet air can bring a feeling of ecstasy.
Normal everyday encounters reveal a new perspective regarding value.
Caring for a baby,  raising a child or sharing the joy of every precious moment of
experience are “light years” beyond the manufactured values of materialism.
The wealth of “heart”, the very substance of life – money cannot buy it.
Love is not a thing of the marketplace.

Materialism is the short-sighted view of life. It is limiting and virtually meaningless in  itself.  Whatever meaning it does have is given to it by the thoughts of those enslaved by the misdirected promises of materialism.

What is the “stuff” you are made of, and what thoughts command your attention?
Or have you caught a glimpse of your heart – a glimpse of who you really are?