The O Manuscript Prayer to "Source"


The above is a translation of an Aramaic prayer. Aramaic is the original language that would have been used by Jesus during the time of his teaching. Translations of the new Testament from the direct Christian Aramaic reveals some astonishing differences to the commonly accepted mistranslations that resulted in the Greek, then the Latin and other language translations that were done from the Greek and not from the original Aramaic.

There are several informative sites on the internet delving into this subject. Searching "Aramaic Christian Prayer" brings forth much revelation to anyone who wishes to get a taste of what might have been the teachings of Jesus from actual source perspective.

Beyond Limitations of Thought

Do you THINK YOUR WAY out of a problem?

In minor situations by following a memorized
logical step-by-step process we are capable of
mechanically thinking the way out of a problem.
For example: simple mathematical solutions,
basic physical applications such as making simple
repairs around the house and so on.
These can be usually handled through a
formula - a simple, memorized, step-by-step
thought process.

Thought is the movement of memory, so thought
never has anything new to show us. And
because it is a repetition of recalled things, thought
can never be creative. Thought is a history of events
and experiences. We can organize this storehouse
of memory in various useful ways, and this becomes
our "logical" and useful thought process. In this
type of thinking the simple "HOW TO"s are available.

To access a level of creativity we must go beyond
thought processes into the realm of intuition and
insight. Through this means we can experience
that which lies out of the range of thought.
The experiencing is stored in memory, reviewed
by the process of thought, then organized and put
into some useful application.

Thus you can see that one cannot really
think their way out of problems.
Thinking operates usefully only in a limited
area when it is logically and sanely employed.

Often thought can be chaotic, or just
filling in time with meaningless pursuits or
entertainments. This is the habit of thought.
It has a momentum gained over millions of
years and harnessing thought to useful endeavours
has been the major work of mankind,
most recently in the field of science.

But thought is limited. Therefore science based
on thought is also limited. But there is a
promising new direction opening up in science
with its intuitive ventures into fields such as
quantum physics. The future of science shows
promise if it is based more on consciousness
rather than on thought. After all, consciousness is
the source of mind which is thought. Thus
consciousness, hierarchically precedes
all manifestations, including mind/thought.

So if you are looking for success you must
find your way out of the limitations of thinking.
All the so-called "great thinkers", scientists,
musicians, architects, engineers, etc. tapped
that realm that supersedes thought and then
brought it into the world of mind/thought that
we are so familiar with.

And sometimes we still cannot understand
what these "great ones". We put them on
a pedestal and proceed to copy, or imitate
what they brought into our world,
but we fail to note that they were open
to something beyond limiting thought.


HOW TO ...

The “HOW TO” is an ever present prefix
to supposed solutions to many of our problems.

Especially in areas such as “Personal Development”
or “How to be SUCCESSFUL” etc...

Most people who follow this “HOW TO” self-help scene
are looking for quick solutions to something
that cannot be “fixed” by the superficial
approaches usually proposed by self-help gurus.

In the past 100 years, we in North America in particular,
have fallen under the grip of the “throw away & instant
solution dementia.”

At one end of consumerism we are known as the “throw away”
society and at the other extreme “Give me more, better -
and me-me-me”.

To a large extent true reasoning capacity has “fled the coop”.

“HOW TO” is very useful in PRACTICAL applications.
- how to drive
- how to cook
- how to treat a wound
- how to write a sentence
- how to change the oil in your car
- how to build a house
- how to keep a clean house
- how to dress for cold weather
- how to survive in the wilderness

Any “HOW TO” that is useful in making our life experience more
efficient, less painful and provides more practical, manageable
methods for dealing with everyday existential challenges is
of benefit to us. That is why we have educational systems that
basically “train” people to relate to their environment and
other people in the most reasonable manner.

Now for that which falls short of making it
in the “HOW TO” area ...

Let's look at one example from which you may be able
to catch on to what this is all about.

“HOW TO control your anger” or to get rid of anger or
"HOW TO" not be angry, or any variation of such a

In most cases the “HOW TO” in this area has been very
amateurish and in some cases proven to do more harm
than good.

It is rather simple to provide instructions on “HOW TO”
behave in certain ways to curb expressions of anger, but
that is only the beginning, the hoped-for outward result.

There is really no “HOW TO” about anger itself. Anger has various
and different reasons and stimuli by which it manifests in
an individual. There may be a long and complex history involved.

One must do some deep introspection, a self-enquiry,
that questions the very validity of how one thinks about
anger or why one is feeling angry.

What is anger? I do not mean what is the description of
some of the effects or manifestations of anger in a body
and through the mind. The question asks, “WHAT IS ANGER”
in essence, besides what you might think of it.
How does anger relate to who you are?
Do you see anger as something outside you
or is it an actual expression of YOU in a particular instant?
Is anger different than you? Who is it that separates anger from
yourself? Is separation in some sense related to my
misunderstanding of who or what I truly am? And so on ...

To be meaningful and useful for one’s own growth
and creative evolution, you can quickly see that there
is no quick “HOW TO” about it.

You may begin some “HOW TO” behaviour modifications
to help condition your “PERSON” or “PERSONALITY”
which is on display to the world, but without the crucial
“inner work” that questions the very logic of thought,
you cannot be free of anger or any similar deep-seated
energetic disruption to your life manifestation.

So take note: Approach all “HOW TO”s with extreme
caution. Only your innermost intelligence is capable
of effectively dealing with your inner growth or creative evolution.



What is state of Mind?

One could look at “state of Mind” as a kingdom, or
a place where certain rules and laws apply, and not
following the conditions stipulated by a particular
state will result in certain consequences.

It is like saying “I live in the state of Washington”, or
“I live in the state of Illinois”. To benefit from the
full value of citizenship in a particular state you have
to be careful not to contravene any of the rules or laws
that are specified by that state.

That is a physical analogy. Similarly, the mind is
in a particular state, depending on upbringing and
conditioning or recent impacting circumstances.

For most of us, thinking and reacting to other thoughts
is a daily experience. There is an identification with
what we think. We have an investment in the ideas that
that “create” our state of mind.

An attack on our ideas, our dearest beliefs, appears to us
as an attack against our person. But that “PERSON” is
part of the state of mind. You are something totally
different. You cannot be attacked, or injured, or erased
from the consciousness of the universe. Certainly the
physical manifestation is susceptible to injury, but it
will deconstruct and change to elemental parts of which it
is composed.

That physical is only a particular expression of your being.
It is not you in essence.

Can one experience a different state of mind?
Can there be a state of mind where one is not attached to its content?
That would be a state of total freedom.
Not freedom from anything, nor freedom to do something.
Both are illusions of sorts. Because of reactive behaviour due
to conditioning we cannot claim freedom from the effects of
conditioning, nor freedom to do (which will be biased to some extent by conditioning).

Is there a state of mind that is characterized by unattached freedom?
How are you going to find out without consulting the mind?



Things that could change your life experience:



There appear to be some people who own an ORBITOR telescope (as I do),
and they are looking for a manual for assistance in operation and repairs.

If the ORBITOR telescope that you own is not an ORBITOR 6000 - Model 9000, then if at least your telescope is a reflector type then this manual may help, since most reflector telescopes are quite similar in design.

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Station+DamianCongratulations to my nephew Damian.
He's a bit of a "world traveller" and an aspiring playwright.  
He continues to build a resumé of dramatic experiences that may
become the substance of his dramatic works.

Currently Damian is in Dawson City experiencing a little bit of "early 20th century style" living.

He has already successfully performed surgery on his 'axed' leg and is now experimenting in the "art of DJaying" at the Dawson City community radio station - CFYT 106.9FM 'The Spirit of Dawson'.  I listened to one of his broadcasts last night and managed to record 
some of the streaming audio.  Adding a few pictures made this into a video memory of my nephew's DJ experience in Dawson City.

Play the video below to have a listen - very OK for a beginner! 



Lightbulb Identity

If you wish to continue to “develop the PERSON”
as in “Personal Development” then please continue,
for that is the clearest way that you can see and
understand at this moment of your life experience.

However, there is a “secret” that few have understood.

It is not really a secret.
It only appears to be a secret because we have blocked
or covered up access to it by our own limiting concepts of identity.
“Personal” identity is a by-product of imagination and thought.
Your true identity supersedes both thought and imagination.

All the great sages have taught this throughout recorded history
and even before: But only a very few have understood the teachings.
Most who hear the teachings think that the teachings apply
to the betterment and growth of the “person”.
On one level this may be true to a degree, but it is not permanent.

The person is a psychological identity.
"Personal" identity is a derivative of thought.
This identity is easily affected by all sorts of circumstances
which are conceptually related. Personal identity, being sourced
from thought, is impermanent, unstable and susceptible to the
ever-changing “whims of thought”. It is only an ephemeral identity.

Mastery of self is one approach to “drawing back the veil”
that covers this mystery. Your true identity begins to reveal
itself as your conditioned habits of thought and behaviour
are understood for what they are. You are the silent witness.


The Ending of Time

“Time, oh time,
Where did you go?” – from Michael Merchant’s song “TIME”

Physicist Dr. David Bohm had several talks
with the renowned master of intellectual/spiritual dialogue J. Krishnamurti.
The in-depth dialogue was about time as it is seen and understood
from many different levels and aspects.

As a physicist, Dr. Bohm wanted to know how a scientific/intellectual
understanding of time related to our understanding of life.
This dialogue reached far beyond any expected intellectual ideations.

To his surprise, through the process of dialogue with J. Krishnamurti,
Dr. Bohm discovered that the deeper levels of scientific understanding of time
were beginning to reach far beyond the outdated scientific understandings
that existed before quantum theory established a foothold in scientific thought.

The exchange between Dr. Bohm and J. Krishnamurti extended to a total
of 13 dialogues which were all recorded and then transcribed into book form
under the title “The Ending of Time” which was published in 1985.

It became quite clear that the concept of time is a useful unit of measurement,
like the inch, yard, or ounce in practical areas of application.
Scientific calculations, contract terms, appointment and meeting schedules, etc.
are useful applications of the concept of time.

However, when one includes time in their belief system
where time acquires meanings beyond practical conceptual applications,
then various conundrums and calamities begin to invade and contaminate
one’s understanding of life.

When the psyche gets attached to a certain idea of time
it can cause psychological distortions of all sorts in the way one relates to the world
and oneself.

A fixed idea of time introduces limitations that can shape one’s beliefs
and mislead one’s approach to living life in a more auspicious manner.

Ideas of past, present, and future, have their practical place;
but when they lead to neurosis and fear of what will happen in the future and so on,
then we begin to see the far-reaching misunderstanding of this thing we call ‘time’.

What is your understanding of time?

Does time rule your life,
or have you mastered this tricky concept
as it relates to your daily life?

How do you understand the ending of time?


I Heard There Was A Secret Chord

The first line from Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
stirs the spirit and ‘plucks heart-strings’.

Speechless, one can only say “Hallelujah”, and
it says everything! The mind cannot decode

The mind can hypothesize, and imagine many things,
but when the “spirit” and “heart” move in full vibrancy,
the mind is dumbfounded. It can only “babble”.

Where are YOU when this happens?
Who are you? What are you?

This “stunning of the mind”, is like the blast of bright
sunlight that hits your eyes when you quickly throw
open heavy window curtains. The “heavy curtains of
inhibiting concepts” have suddenly parted transporting
you” into non-local reality.

In that instant of non-local disorientation, where is the "personal" you? Your mind/thoughts, self-image, opinions about who
you are etc. are incapable of entering the dimension beyond mind.
That “you”, the “personal” you, the self-image you, are all constructs
of mind. They are limited ephemeral images that are always changing
with no concrete substance.

That YOU that you ‘think’ you are, had a beginning
and will come to an end when the body/brain/mind
passes away. But, there is a YOU that is not bound
by the limitations of body/mind. That YOU, knows
that it exists.

The body/mind “you”, the “you” that you normally think of
when you refer to yourself, your ideas, your feelings, your plans,
your desires, your fears, etc., that “you” is constantly changing.
It was once with a baby body; next “you” were associated with
the feelings and body of a school youngster; later “you” became
a teenager – then an adult.

Which “you” was the real you and not a conceptual mental
image-based “you”? Through all those “life experiences” of “you” there was
a steadfast, consistent YOU that was there “witnessing” all those
characters that you thought were “you”.

Begin with small steps, with little things of everyday experience.
Observe the activity of mind, the thoughts that cross your attention.
Notice how certain thoughts ‘grab’ your attention in such a way
that you feel helpless in reacting to the demands and stimuli affecting
body and mind.

Become a “witness.” A dispassionate witness. Do not get involved in the
thoughts parading before your awareness. Do not give them your attention.
Just watch them with curiosity. These thoughts cannot harm you, they
cannot move you to do anything undesirable – unless you let them.

These are the initial steps to Mastery of self. That “self” that is the
image of the mind. Go slowly, gradually. Note that you cannot really
define the real YOU which is not of the mind. That YOU might be
labelled as the “Self” as opposed to the “self” of the mind.

As you begin to be Master of self,
the greater Self has more and more opportunities
to guide you through life experiences.
There will be a lessening of inner conflict and turmoil.
You are on the road to the peace.

Not peace from something, but the peace that you naturally are.
Mastery of self is the road to freedom – not freedom from something,
but freedom itself, which is a state of being rather than a condition.

And then perhaps you might say
that you “heard a secret chord”
that the “holy spirit” played
on your “heart-strings”.



The Day the World Stood Still

The Day the World Stood Still

Each of us lives in a world that is unique to our
perception. One might say that in a strange way,
we see what we expect to see, what our conditioning
and preconceived notions make us believe we see.

That is why sometimes we cannot agree exactly on what we
- see, saw
we__see or saw.
There is, of course, a collective consensus of human
consciousness that sort of sets the background ideas
and beliefs upon which we all agree, or use as a
foundation upon which we 'build' our personal

So, in many ways by this consensus of consciousness,
we all appear to live in and see a very similar world,
that we have 'bought into it' to 'protect' us from deeply
ingrained personal feelings of insecurity.

This reliance of the foundation of a consensus consciousness
allays many of the fears that might otherwise push us closer
to more insane behaviour. We feel the security of a larger
group of people that share a similar foundation of beliefs.
This is the only common element in 'seeing' a world to
appear to be the same or similar for everyone who is part of
the collective.

However, in the seclusion of our 'personal' minds (thoughts)
we can still feel totally separate and lonely whenever the
collective concepts or beliefs of the world fail to meet our
needs or our personal vision of what the world should be.

Some of us are courageous enough to question the very thinking
that has conditioned us, that has given us our beliefs and our
basic sense of security in the world. Some of us have
refused to “march to the same drummer”. We question the
reality of those very assumptions and beliefs that have promised
much, but have failed to produce a deep sense of security.

No matter what you “believe” it still does not seem to change
social behaviour or take away the fears of aggression, wars, or
unfair treatment.

Will such things as Personal Development really lead you to
freedom? Even if you meticulously practise the teachings of
such offerings, and do achieve a modicum of success, will
you have found freedom and joy? There are countless stories
of those who have acquired those 'heights', have delighted and
bathed in those riches and still came crashing down and
learned the illusory power of beliefs that promise to make
something of you that is really not possible.

The only way any work on yourself will lead to some
great discoveries and maybe even a marvellous transformation,
is by some deep self enquiry. In a sense you must find out
what really “makes you tick”; why you are the way you are.
Is what you fancy yourself to be, or to become, a viable growth

Mastery of self has been taught by all the great teachers this
world has known. None of them promised to make a better you.
They all pointed to the fact that you have veiled your ability
to see and understand with various inhibiting beliefs and
degenerative ideas. They asked you to meet the challenge of
being “true to yourself”. The "better" you is already there, but
you are blind to the uncovering of it.

You see the world “out there” a certain way. But it is really the
world “in there” - within you, conditioned by your beliefs, your
thinking that creates the illusory world you struggle in, find
fault with, and try to overcome.

Can you make that world within stand still, just for a moment:
Long enough to see that it is the image built of your desires
and shortcomings? If you can take this challenge, and muster
just enough courage to question the very substance
of that illusory world, then you can transform it.
YOU are the only one
who can make THAT world release its hold on you.

Yes, YOU can transform your world!

Through Mastery of self you can move the “mountains” of your
inner world to forge a brave new world that is a reflection of
of a deep integrity of life. But even in a very practical way,
you can affect the change in the course of your destiny by your
choosing to be Master over mind.

You may come to really know yourself for the first time
on the day you make the 'WORLD' STAND STILL.



Lightbulb PLAY the GAME!

Life is the grandest game that you can play.
It is the game of games, the basis for the
conceived and the conceivable.

In a very real sense, LIFE is what you ARE.
But that may be too quick a jump for some
people to grasp. So look at it as a game.

In essence, you are the game. You determine
how you will play it. There is one important
detail that must be understood first. The Rules.

Are there Rules to the “Game of Life”?
Well, we can call them “Conditions” or
“Understandings”. The interesting thing is
that you are the holder of those understandings
or conditions. They emanate from the source
of your being.

This “Game of Life” is designed for you to
experience various phenoma. In a certain way
of speaking, you have put yourself into a scenario
similar to that in the movie “MATRIX”. Because
we need a concept of some sort to communicate
an idea, I say “similar” to the move MATRIX,
but not the same.

This game is possible, because in from a certain
point of view you have put yourself (i.e. your true
beingness) to sleep so that you can experience
a pseudo reality of a world through the medium of
mind (which is thought).

In this “game” (played in the field of a “dream”),
you have forgotten your true source and nature
by choice, so that you can experience the life that
you are from many different aspects. Your interface
for experiencing is the human body with the 5
traditional senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and

The stimulus coming via these senses reach
the brain where the incoming sensory signals are
interpreted and acted upon or reacted to, depending
on your level of focus of attention – through the
awareness that you are.

Consciousness is a facet of the awareness.
Consciousness is the field of energy within which
your world of experience, including the body and
mind, manifest.

Your “mission” in this game of life, should you choose
to accept it, is to learn from the experiences that you
“go through” (that is what experience literally means -
“to go through”).

The “learning” is not a memorizing of facts like in
school, but a kind of “remembering” of who you
really are. Through these experiences of life
you gain Mastery of self (i.e. understanding how
the 'self' of the game is NOT the Self that you
really are. In other words you “learn” that what is
going on in the mind is not who you are and has
no control over your destiny unless you are still
asleep to reality.

By promoting a singly focused attitude to
discern the actual or 'real' from the ephemeral
throughout the course of the game of life you
start removing the 'blockages' or the 'veil' that
covers the 'truth of what actually is”.

Thus you begin to “awaken from the dream”
of the life that you project through a personally
conceived world that appears to be full of
contradictions, problems and suffering in

Mastery of self is the road to the discovery
of the “Kingdom of Heaven” or the “Kingdom
of Happiness” WITHIN THE REAL YOU.

These are only words and thoughts, a limited
method available to us to communicate something
of the reality we seek to understand. However,
words are sometimes effective when they can
carry the energy of a metaphor, or parable, or some
poetic verse to communicate a deeper understanding
than thought could ever manage.


The Defensive Mechanism

In the early days of the human species the survival instinct
was very strong. This is necessary for the survival of any
species. In the case of humans, like most other animals, it
took the form of “fight or flight”.

The human consciousness and energy within the body
was always in a state of alertness, ready to defend the
body from injury or to run away from imminent and
lethal danger.

Now, we live in a fairly secure environment where the
necessity for physical survival is not as prevalent as it
used to be. Humans have evolved with a superior
mental capacity that has improved the chances of
survival of the species to a large degree from the physical

However, the “fight or flight” instinct has not disappeared.
It has shifted to the environment of the psyche. The human
of today to a great extent lives in “the head”, in ideas and
concepts, and projected images of what should and shouldn't

This tendency to dwell under the influence of “mind” (i.e. the
thought realm) creates a virtual world for the psyche.
It is in the realm of the psyche where the survival instinct has
now found a new arena for renewed, activity.
Defending one's self-image, opinions, etc., has become the
number one priority of the “fight or flight” instinct. It is
still there for protecting from possible physical dangers, but
a bit more sluggish in that area.

In the psyche this instinct has transmuted into a “defence”
mechanism. Its priority is the defend what you think you
are, your perceived value, your “rightness” or your “rights”,
your opinion. The attitude of mind has degenerated to a
state of “me above everyone else”. This attitude was
necessary for the early survival of the species when the
intellect was not as “highly” developed as it is today, but
it no longer serves the human species when we are looking
for harmonious ways to live together and survive without
destroying ourselves through mental instabilities.

Now, more than ever before, we need to master the mind
which is capable of forging many different kinds of instabilities
and survival problems for the species.

Mastery of self is an approach that works. We must be masters
of the thought realm that has brought us to our current
technical heights, but is now also testing our very sanity
under the disguise of fulfilling various desires.

The next time you spot the “defensive” mechanism arising
to protect your position, opinion, belief, or whatever mental
or intellectual category – STOP for a moment, and notice
that the very words coming out of your mouth, or the
reactive thoughts just beginning to explode into words,
are the potentially lethal weapons that can create great
disharmony and unneeded turmoil in your, and others'
life experience.

Can you rise above your conditioned limitations?
Are you a Master of self?
Begin now, if you haven't already.
You can only add to the next evolutionary
improvement of self and humanity.