Each has their own field of focus for their particular 
          needs and growth.
All are expressions of the Source. 
And the universe is always expanding and evolving. 
Always a new adventure,
And many wonderful people and teachers 
       that help us join the joyous adventure.
Jesus, perhaps the brightest light of all 

            - who knows for certain?
Buddha before him... and Lao Tse before that...
And many other lights since...
Each is part of consciousness, part of the totality.
To say that one is more right,
Or more 'in the know' than another is to misunderstand 
     the many aspects of manifestation.
The great Intelligence of creation permeates all.
That which we have labeled intelligence, 
        the IQ sort - the ability to solve problems and puzzles,
Is but a minuscule portion of that totality.
To think that the part could ever comprehend the whole 
                          points in the direction of delusion,
And is illusion.
We are part of that whole, whether we know it or not, 
                                         whether we admit it or not.
Those who dare to explore and challenge the 'status quo' 
          of thought - those know what freedom is.
Those will bring innovation and a new clarity 

                   to their field of endeavor.
Do not set out to prove that something is right or wrong,
For in either case it encourages resistance and conflict 
          instead of generosity and harmony.
Instead, look forward to discovering something that
             might inspire joy in others.
Let not the arrogance of personal desire supersede kindness that
Might be offered when it is most welcomed.
For it is yourself that you are meeting, in every moment,
                                         in every way, in every place –
wladicus - 2010.11.23


Light of Joy

You are a child of freedom,
And yet you give it up so quickly -
And then the light of day is longer in coming.

As a babe, not long out of the light,
In the depth of your eyes, gleamed a spark sublime.
And the world wanted your joy.

But the burden of the world,
Could not understand the light of joy,
And failed to see its worth.

wladicus 2010.11.17



- January 6, 1970 -
(Lyrics to a Song)

I went to the town all alone,
Letting all my thoughts there to roam;
Nothing but a camera in my hand,
I stopped, and looked,
and saw the world stand.


What a sight!
My delight!
People talking  here and there;

Some are rushing, some don’t care:

Talking, walking, rushing, bending, 
Stretching, pushing, and upending,
Yelling, telling, even selling,
Looking, chewing, eating, smelling –

            What a sight! My delight;
            What a sight! What a sight!


I said to myself standing there
Look all around you, be aware.
Waiting with my camera for a chance, 

I stopped, and looked, and watched the world dance.

        Do you know what I’ve got?
        Something priceless can’t be bought.

        Behind a camera moving fast,

        I snapped, and caught
the moments as they passed.



Flight of the Eagle

                                                                                                                                                                             (An Ode to K)
         - June 16, 1992 -
      = Lyrics to a song = 

There was a man,
      a gentle man –
You are the world,
           said he.

Look at yourself,
           and see.

And as he spoke,
           I heard him say –

A thousand yesterdays
Have bound you 
to your ways.

Watch an eagle                                    
       soaring through the sky;        

See it fly and never leave a mark …     
Freedom is the way it flies.                   
Listen to the whisper in the wind;             
Hear the song that love will sing again …
Freedom is the joy it feels – to live again.


He questioned why, one does not end 
So many years – of pain,                    
Where sorrow still remains.                

And as I looked within his eyes 
Compassion spoke, so kind –   
It gently touched my mind.      

Watch an eagle soaring through the sky;
See it fly and never leave a mark …
Freedom is the way it flies.