Ancient Dreams

             December 29, 1992
       (originally written as a song)
(from my book 'Thoughts and Time')

Yesterday is on my mind -
Ancient dreams that
Paint our days like a rhyme


CHORUS:  Memories of days
                     gone by and
              Still they reach and

              Bind us to yesterday


              Ancient dreams that
                dwell in our mind -
                 - repeating in time.

                                          Yesterday, it calls to me -
                                          Spinning yarns of hope,
                                          Of things to be ...

                                                        CHORUS: (as above)                         

                                          Ancient dreams, spinners of time -
                                          Life is more than dreams in our mind.

                                           Yesterday, so many years -
                                           A million dreams that
                                           Fail to end many tears!

                                                          CHORUS: (as above)

                                           No more rhymes, no yesterday sighs -
                                           Dream no more - be free of ties.

                                           No more dreams, no yesterday cries -
                                           Sleep no more, and open your eyes!

                                           ... Sleep no more, and open your eyes.

                                                                                                                                                                                             - wladicus -