Poet of the Heart

- written October 29, 1985 -

A thought belabors his endless toil,
A poet at heart, a worker of soil -

The sky above, the earth below,

And space beyond with worlds to know.

. What power guides, what secret lies
For man to find beyond the skies ?

. And wisdom sings a holy
hymn -
. The dawning skies are deep within.

... Learned men do speak and tell
... Of knowledge, and power as well.

... And boldly they do proclaim
... The countless virtues of the same !

But what of joy and what of beauty ?

What of love, and what of duty ?

Asleep, this inattentive lot

Who wander the cavities of thought !

. What thought can remark
. Beyond all amusement,
. That joy is a spark -
. And beauty is movement ?

.... Can knowledge claim the throne above
.... With power as its deputy ?
.... Can it displace the work of love

.... Where duty leads to harmony ?

Behold, a wakeful poet of the heart,

A worker of soil, enacts his duty -

Joins the chorus and lives his part

In a song of joy, the symphony of beauty.

........                     ..............._oOo_