- January 6, 1970 -
(Lyrics to a Song)

I went to the town all alone,
Letting all my thoughts there to roam;
Nothing but a camera in my hand,
I stopped, and looked,
and saw the world stand.


What a sight!
My delight!
People talking  here and there;

Some are rushing, some don’t care:

Talking, walking, rushing, bending, 
Stretching, pushing, and upending,
Yelling, telling, even selling,
Looking, chewing, eating, smelling –

            What a sight! My delight;
            What a sight! What a sight!


I said to myself standing there
Look all around you, be aware.
Waiting with my camera for a chance, 

I stopped, and looked, and watched the world dance.

        Do you know what I’ve got?
        Something priceless can’t be bought.

        Behind a camera moving fast,

        I snapped, and caught
the moments as they passed.