What is state of Mind?

One could look at “state of Mind” as a kingdom, or
a place where certain rules and laws apply, and not
following the conditions stipulated by a particular
state will result in certain consequences.

It is like saying “I live in the state of Washington”, or
“I live in the state of Illinois”. To benefit from the
full value of citizenship in a particular state you have
to be careful not to contravene any of the rules or laws
that are specified by that state.

That is a physical analogy. Similarly, the mind is
in a particular state, depending on upbringing and
conditioning or recent impacting circumstances.

For most of us, thinking and reacting to other thoughts
is a daily experience. There is an identification with
what we think. We have an investment in the ideas that
that “create” our state of mind.

An attack on our ideas, our dearest beliefs, appears to us
as an attack against our person. But that “PERSON” is
part of the state of mind. You are something totally
different. You cannot be attacked, or injured, or erased
from the consciousness of the universe. Certainly the
physical manifestation is susceptible to injury, but it
will deconstruct and change to elemental parts of which it
is composed.

That physical is only a particular expression of your being.
It is not you in essence.

Can one experience a different state of mind?
Can there be a state of mind where one is not attached to its content?
That would be a state of total freedom.
Not freedom from anything, nor freedom to do something.
Both are illusions of sorts. Because of reactive behaviour due
to conditioning we cannot claim freedom from the effects of
conditioning, nor freedom to do (which will be biased to some extent by conditioning).

Is there a state of mind that is characterized by unattached freedom?
How are you going to find out without consulting the mind?