You and Reality

Approach each new day
As if it were the very first day
Of your awakening
From sleep.

Open your eyes,
And sleep no more.

Give your total attention
To each new day,
As if you had no idea
Of what that day holds in store for you;
Because you really don’t know!

Let it be a surprise,
And you will see everything
With fresh eyes – like the seeing of a child
But with greater maturity.

You may have things planned out,
Meetings to attend,
And things to do:
But do not judge what is to happen

You have access to a wealth of wisdom:
But any prejudgement
Will deny you access to it
When you most need some insight.

What is of true value
Cannot be counted on your fingers.

Meet each new day
With favourable anticipation;
From an inner space
Of innocence.

There you may truly meet
For the very first

But it will be
A timeless

Then anything that you touch
With love and attention
Will manifest most

Are the witness
Of manifested