An Observation About Thought

Whatever we may think of now, is actually of no virtual value.
It is just a malleable thought.

We can and usually do give certain values (judgements)
to thought, and there are communally valued thoughts and ideas;
but all is subject to change.

All of this confirms that thought, as also any THING, has no inherent value
(i.e. no value in itself), other than the value that we attribute to it.

That is not to say that thoughts cannot sometimes be very useful,
but thought will always be subject to change.

The key in bringing some sanity to our life experience lays in seeing
that all human thought and perception is fallible, and thus
it is wise to remain open to a deeper meaning beyond the experiencing
of the world of thought and sensation.

In such cases true "value" and ''meaning" is not the result of thinking,
but may be interpreted and conveyed via thought, in which case the
interpretation may not translate well in terms of thought for various
reasons (which I may discuss on another occasion).