A New Kind of World

Many people will assert that reality is "what is", what they see happening every day. If we think this way, then we prevent the "creation" of any other kind of world that could be. Can one, or how can one change the currently accepted "realistic point of view"?
If one believes that the current view is so pressing and "real" that it is absolutely impossible to create a different kind of world, then that personal world view limits one's experience of life.
Might it be possible for sensitive humans to get together, in spirit and thought at least, and see if there might not be some way to actually improve the world situation? It starts with each individual.
I am proposing a new dimension of understanding and growth for every human. If one can "see" what is going on, and understands that by helping to build in one's consciousness a positive vibration of the world that would be more beneficial to all, then such a change will become inevitable, no matter what the "nay-sayers" think. After all the same principles have produced the world we have today, but with more negative elements.
I merely propose to those who "see" this, that it is possible to project a more positive world, but it has to start with each individual person changing themselves. We are first and foremost responsible for our own good behaviour, attitude and positive approach for experiencing a great life. Then there is a possibility of it evolving to encompass an entire planet.
This is my vision, therefore my appeal is to hopefully touch that element of compassion that is awake in many people to change their views of what is possible and to start living as if improvement were possible. That is a sure way to change human behaviour. Studies in behaviouralism show that it works, and most all courses in personal development teach that to improve oneself, one must view a more positive future for themselves and their entire life situation. By doing so we create the environment we desire around us.
We should all realize that any news article or news report, is someone's opinion and therefore must NEVER be considered as the "truth". If one is sympathetic to the views in a particular article then fine, that is one's view of themselves.
In conclusion, if one chooses an attitude of appreciation and joy toward life it invites peace and freedom of spirit. As a result one soon discovers that there are really no fears and no worries to be concerned about. Our stay on this planet is so short that to dwell upon relatively insignificant personal problems is a consumption of energy that could be better employed elsewhere. "This too shall pass" would be a good mantra to recall whenever one is confronted with these sorts of minor personal problems.
Life is eternal, while our experience of it is very limited at best. Every person has their personal "Life Story". People experience life as either difficult, challenging, confusing, indifferent, or wonderful - depending on how they choose to perceive it. A new world, a different reality is possible for each individual, but no one can convince another to change unless one begins to "see" that there is more to a person than opinions and personal identity.
Thus, with the dawning of a new awareness of what is possible in life, one enters a new dimension of understanding which brings with it different actions and different results for a different kind of world.