On this day, Mother's Day, I wish all the mothers a very happy and enjoyable Mother's Day.
It is not only a celebration of the fact that we were all birthed and nurtured by a caring mother, but perhaps even more profoundly it is a celebration in understanding that it is the feminine principle of life that is the "executive" branch of all creation, the male factor being the other branch. Every 'strong' male is imbued with a healthy dose of the feminine in his manifested character. It is a tribute to the feminine.

Also, we should carefully note that without a strong influence of the feminine factor to mediate the more aggressive male element in life there would soon be no stable society, nor a progressive civilization.

The feminine has not only the birthing aspect, but also the nurturing, caring and compassionate aspects without which no society can survive.

And thus, without turning this into a treatise on motherhood and the feminine, I wish a very happy and joyous day to all you mothers. Know that you are loved even if some fail to demonstrate it on other days of the year. Sooner or later their sensitivity will sharpen to that understanding.