Me and the Moon

Yet there she is – the lunar crescent:
Standing like a tilted dome in the sky.
Yes, ‘tis the middle of the day
And that heavenly globe
Reveals a sliver of her mystery.
Anyone who cares to raise their
Gaze to the heavens
Is pleasantly surprised.

Patches of green lawn starkly stand out
From the ever-present ribbons
Of paved road and driveways.
Magically, a robin alights
On the bare tree limb
A mere metre away – and flies off –
Startled to have come so close
To a seemingly silent human.
For me and the moon ‘tis a delight.

Like a guardian angel
She makes her monthly journey
Around this globe –
Bringing a bit of heaven to earth –
Especially in the dark of the night
When she glows in all her glory
Reflecting the majesty of life
Embodied in our star Sol.

Me and the moon –
An adventure in being.
It has travelled a bit –
I notice this as I take another peek
At that so-blue cloudless sky.
The music of summer is vibrating in the silent spaces
Between the noises of mechanisms and thought;
And that heavenly sphere moves on in silence.
In silent stillness it advances, spanning the space of life.
Here I sit in wonder, the moon and me.

-wladicus… 2013.07.14