King of Kensington  (Lyrics) ... See opening credits with song in video above.
- a Canadian sitcom set in Toronto, starring the late Al Waxman (2001)
- this one always
went over well when it was played in Canadian pubs
- many "fell in love" with the song and appreciated the message in the lyrics.
When he walks down the street
     He smiles at everyone   
  ("Hey, look, It's the King!")
    Everyone that he meets
Calls him "King of Kensington"
     ("How ya doin', King?"
       "Put `er there, King!"
        "Hey Karen! It's King!")

He finds his fortune in the faces
           that surround him
His wife says helping other people
           brings him luck
But then his mother tells
           a slightly different story
He's the only king around without a buck

He's... a... man among men
      The people's champion
And when destiny calls him...
        (buzz... buzz..
           "I'm sorry,

              that line is STILL busy")
He's "King of Kensington".  
       ("Whatta guy!")