Lightbulb Identity

If you wish to continue to “develop the PERSON”
as in “Personal Development” then please continue,
for that is the clearest way that you can see and
understand at this moment of your life experience.

However, there is a “secret” that few have understood.

It is not really a secret.
It only appears to be a secret because we have blocked
or covered up access to it by our own limiting concepts of identity.
“Personal” identity is a by-product of imagination and thought.
Your true identity supersedes both thought and imagination.

All the great sages have taught this throughout recorded history
and even before: But only a very few have understood the teachings.
Most who hear the teachings think that the teachings apply
to the betterment and growth of the “person”.
On one level this may be true to a degree, but it is not permanent.

The person is a psychological identity.
"Personal" identity is a derivative of thought.
This identity is easily affected by all sorts of circumstances
which are conceptually related. Personal identity, being sourced
from thought, is impermanent, unstable and susceptible to the
ever-changing “whims of thought”. It is only an ephemeral identity.

Mastery of self is one approach to “drawing back the veil”
that covers this mystery. Your true identity begins to reveal
itself as your conditioned habits of thought and behaviour
are understood for what they are. You are the silent witness.