Lightbulb PLAY the GAME!

Life is the grandest game that you can play.
It is the game of games, the basis for the
conceived and the conceivable.

In a very real sense, LIFE is what you ARE.
But that may be too quick a jump for some
people to grasp. So look at it as a game.

In essence, you are the game. You determine
how you will play it. There is one important
detail that must be understood first. The Rules.

Are there Rules to the “Game of Life”?
Well, we can call them “Conditions” or
“Understandings”. The interesting thing is
that you are the holder of those understandings
or conditions. They emanate from the source
of your being.

This “Game of Life” is designed for you to
experience various phenoma. In a certain way
of speaking, you have put yourself into a scenario
similar to that in the movie “MATRIX”. Because
we need a concept of some sort to communicate
an idea, I say “similar” to the move MATRIX,
but not the same.

This game is possible, because in from a certain
point of view you have put yourself (i.e. your true
beingness) to sleep so that you can experience
a pseudo reality of a world through the medium of
mind (which is thought).

In this “game” (played in the field of a “dream”),
you have forgotten your true source and nature
by choice, so that you can experience the life that
you are from many different aspects. Your interface
for experiencing is the human body with the 5
traditional senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and

The stimulus coming via these senses reach
the brain where the incoming sensory signals are
interpreted and acted upon or reacted to, depending
on your level of focus of attention – through the
awareness that you are.

Consciousness is a facet of the awareness.
Consciousness is the field of energy within which
your world of experience, including the body and
mind, manifest.

Your “mission” in this game of life, should you choose
to accept it, is to learn from the experiences that you
“go through” (that is what experience literally means -
“to go through”).

The “learning” is not a memorizing of facts like in
school, but a kind of “remembering” of who you
really are. Through these experiences of life
you gain Mastery of self (i.e. understanding how
the 'self' of the game is NOT the Self that you
really are. In other words you “learn” that what is
going on in the mind is not who you are and has
no control over your destiny unless you are still
asleep to reality.

By promoting a singly focused attitude to
discern the actual or 'real' from the ephemeral
throughout the course of the game of life you
start removing the 'blockages' or the 'veil' that
covers the 'truth of what actually is”.

Thus you begin to “awaken from the dream”
of the life that you project through a personally
conceived world that appears to be full of
contradictions, problems and suffering in

Mastery of self is the road to the discovery
of the “Kingdom of Heaven” or the “Kingdom
of Happiness” WITHIN THE REAL YOU.

These are only words and thoughts, a limited
method available to us to communicate something
of the reality we seek to understand. However,
words are sometimes effective when they can
carry the energy of a metaphor, or parable, or some
poetic verse to communicate a deeper understanding
than thought could ever manage.