Wings of Freedom

                               - July 28, 1968 -         
                               (Lyrics to a song)
High up in the sky the birds do fly,
They spread their wings, and soar and dive.

Down on the ground, where people are found,
The birds do fear to come around.

Why do they fear so much to come,
And see us down upon the ground?

Maybe the answer is there for me;
I look up in the sky, and there I see -

The birds do fly, and soar around,
On wings of freedom, they leave the ground.

But men have flown; they reached the sky
On silvered wings, and still they died.

And still they look, and search the skies
For wings of freedom, to leave the ground.

But why must they try to leave the ground,
When wings of freedom for men, on earth must be found?

Wings of freedom are to the birds,
Who fly up in the sky ...

---- walt dutchak (aka wladicus) ----