The Way I Think of You

                  - August 28, 1969 -
                              (Song Lyrics)

This is the way I think of you.
Twinkling stars and the
morning dew,
Mountain streams clear and blue,
This is the way I think of you.

A new day starts when the sun comes up.
A father sighs when his son grows up.
Day to day no time is forlorn,
Day to day a life is born.

Streams where water lilies grow;
Silver valleys full of snow;
Giving life and giving rest,
Giving love and happiness.

                                                 Stars will shine both day and night,
                                                 The moon reflecting lovers’ light.
                                                 The evening dims and the morning dawns,
                                                 The baby cries and the mother comes.

                                  Velvet petals spreading out
                                  To the world round about,
                                  Showing beauty and the colour
                                  Of a lovely country flower.

                                                                  Setting suns and rising moons,
                                                                  Summer nights and mellow tunes –
                                                                  Loving just the one you love,
                                                                  Loving for the sake of love.

                                                                                 Whispers in a gentle breeze,
                                                                                 Singing loving melodies.
                                                                                 Happy tear drops wetting cheeks,
                                                                                 Winding paths and trickling creeks.

                                                 This is the way I think of you.