To Keet

Kitty-cat, pussy-cat
Scruffy neck, bushy fur,
Layin’ there
as you purr –
Meoww !
…..Pussy-cat, kitty-cat,
…..Sitting snug, on my lap –
…..Gettin’ set for a nap –
…..Meoww !

Do you care,
Does the world alarm you ?

No, you don’t care,
Not a worry confounds you

       ‘Cause – you’re – a

…..Kitty-cat, pussy-cat,
…..Full of life – zip and zest.
…..This is my time to rest –
…..Meoww !

Pussy-cat, kitty-cat,
Ears all perked, eyes so bright,
Playful paws 

               – a child’s delight –
Meoww !