The Defensive Mechanism

In the early days of the human species the survival instinct
was very strong. This is necessary for the survival of any
species. In the case of humans, like most other animals, it
took the form of “fight or flight”.

The human consciousness and energy within the body
was always in a state of alertness, ready to defend the
body from injury or to run away from imminent and
lethal danger.

Now, we live in a fairly secure environment where the
necessity for physical survival is not as prevalent as it
used to be. Humans have evolved with a superior
mental capacity that has improved the chances of
survival of the species to a large degree from the physical

However, the “fight or flight” instinct has not disappeared.
It has shifted to the environment of the psyche. The human
of today to a great extent lives in “the head”, in ideas and
concepts, and projected images of what should and shouldn't

This tendency to dwell under the influence of “mind” (i.e. the
thought realm) creates a virtual world for the psyche.
It is in the realm of the psyche where the survival instinct has
now found a new arena for renewed, activity.
Defending one's self-image, opinions, etc., has become the
number one priority of the “fight or flight” instinct. It is
still there for protecting from possible physical dangers, but
a bit more sluggish in that area.

In the psyche this instinct has transmuted into a “defence”
mechanism. Its priority is the defend what you think you
are, your perceived value, your “rightness” or your “rights”,
your opinion. The attitude of mind has degenerated to a
state of “me above everyone else”. This attitude was
necessary for the early survival of the species when the
intellect was not as “highly” developed as it is today, but
it no longer serves the human species when we are looking
for harmonious ways to live together and survive without
destroying ourselves through mental instabilities.

Now, more than ever before, we need to master the mind
which is capable of forging many different kinds of instabilities
and survival problems for the species.

Mastery of self is an approach that works. We must be masters
of the thought realm that has brought us to our current
technical heights, but is now also testing our very sanity
under the disguise of fulfilling various desires.

The next time you spot the “defensive” mechanism arising
to protect your position, opinion, belief, or whatever mental
or intellectual category – STOP for a moment, and notice
that the very words coming out of your mouth, or the
reactive thoughts just beginning to explode into words,
are the potentially lethal weapons that can create great
disharmony and unneeded turmoil in your, and others'
life experience.

Can you rise above your conditioned limitations?
Are you a Master of self?
Begin now, if you haven't already.
You can only add to the next evolutionary
improvement of self and humanity.