After you've developed the "Person" (as per Personal Development)
 Have you tested the "new you" out in the world?

Have you noticed any significant changes to
your personality (this relates to 'person')?

Are you still reacting in old ways to the
thoughts that 'flit' across the mind?
Do thoughts no longer linger as they used to,
creating unnecessary concern and stress?

These are just a few of the signs to look out for
on your journey to Mastery of self.

As the American professor psychologist Ram Das
(Richard Alpert, partner of Timothy Leary of LSD fame)
said many years ago - "If you think you are enlightened
then go live with your parents for a week."
That should quickly clear up any misconceptions of
whether there has been any real 'growth' in your
mastery, or if it is just the 'run of the mill' kind of
Personal Development - which is often quite illusory,
self gratifying and short-lived.

Why short-lived?
Because any 'surface' work on the 'person/personality'
cannot meet the test of time.

There will be some situation, sometime, that will
challenge "who you think you are" to such a degree
that if you are not able to humble yourself enough to
realize that this particular experience is a "lesson
for growth" being handed to you, then you will come
"crashing down" to your real reactionary, conditioned,
robotic self.

History, and everyday experience is filled with
examples of such self-instigated sabotage, which
is often viewed as failure. 

But it is not failure at all
if you realize the gift of
the lesson for growth
that such an experience presents.

A word to the wise.