Will You Rise Above the Storm ?

A key aspect of “Mastery of self”
is the realization that you are not the thoughts
that appear to demand your undivided attention.

Conceptual thinking (reasoning) is a useful tool
for survival and management of your everyday worldly affairs.

However, when the focus of the mind (thinking) is set
on the “Person” (i.e. personal image) that you think you are ,
and the various associated emotional conundrums that appear to
“rule your life”, then that is the “time of troubles” that seem
to plague us.

This is one area where one has to discern the
“truth” in the game of personal development.

Everything is experienced in the mind (i.e. Thoughts).
Physically we may “go through” (i.e. Experience) events,
however the actual “experiencing” occurs only in the mind.

The mind (thinking) conceptualizes (i.e. translates) the physical
events into various images which are stored in memory for later
recall, thus giving the impression of passage of time and the
“movement of life” so to speak. That which is stored in memory
is always “colored” by particular individual conditioning, beliefs,
and impressions, so that the record created by mental processes is
rarely faithful to the actuality of the experience.

Discerning the relative truth of experiential situations versus
emotional memories of those events is one of the strengths of
a “Master of self”.

This is an example of “Rising above the storm” and focusing on
the power of being rather than reacting to emotional stimuli.