Personal Development

- If you are doing it for success,
then you are likely to stray off course.
Along with more success, you will have to
master the skills for managing the accompanying pains and sorrow
which are ever-present in a dualistic world.

You cannot have tall without short,
- right without wrong,
- high without low,
- healthy without sickly,
- richer without poorer,
- success without failure
- and so on, and so on.

We live in an experiential dimension of being,
usually referred to as dualistic.

In this dimension of experiencing, everything appears to be
grouped in opposites. This appears to be a requirement of the
conceptual processes of the imaginative mind. You cannot
conceive of 'tall' without 'short', nor 'good' without its opposite 'bad',
and so on.

Think of a baseball team: It aims for success by practising that which
will help it to win more games than it loses. Every win can be interpreted
as a success, but that is only understood by the games they failed to win.
Success for the team is best understood as a progressive improvement in
performance, and an ongoing accumulation of more wins than losses.
And then, at the end of the season - SUCCESS... but that is not permanent
either. You know the 'drill'.

So you have been working on 'yourself'.
- working on your self-image.
- working on identifying and and resolving limiting habits.
- working on understanding your thought processes, how they help, how they hinder.

This is in many ways a useful work.
However, if you are seeking some sort of 'personal' gain out of this
then the real benefits will elude you and you will have missed
the opportunity to evolve beyond simple 'personal' development.

What is this PERSON - PERSONA
- that you are trying to develop?

Personal development is just a beginning.
A 'door opener' one might say.

Mastery of self is the true end-game.
It is why you are here in this world.
You cannot play the Master game
until you have attained Mastery of self.

Then you will be ready to enter another dimension
of experiencing that literally 'blows away' duality.