SUCCESS – Not many see this way.

When we pursue something called “Personal Development”
we are referring specifically to the development
of something related to the “Person”.

To be successful in such a venture you must understand
“what IS this PERSON that you wish to “develop?”

First look at the environment and the society in which
this “person” is operating or manifesting.
Then address several of the main aspects that will have a relationship to
the person’s interaction with that environment and society.

What are this person’s traits and
can they be assimilated usefully into social interaction?

This will determine your ability to discern your value
in interacting with your particular environment
which includes the economic and social aspects.

- Are there changes needed to the traits of this person you will be “developing”?
- What would be the best way to address this aspect of “Personal Development?
Have a careful look at the environment to which you must relate harmoniously.
(Remember that “environment” refers to everything ‘around’ you, including other people).

- What are this person’s strength’s?
- Do you see a perceived asset to the environment in which you will be participating?
- Are there specific things relating to skills that you should attend to?
- Are there specific personal habit improvements or changes
that you could make to improve your contributing potential?
These are only the beginning steps that must be considered
if you seriously intend to develop this “person” that you have in mind. 

It is important to note that you are NOT the “person”.
One might say that you are the “driving force and power” behind the person.

The person is the “actor”, the puppet, one might say;
but only you have the power to develop this person into a useful contributor
of whatever world environment you choose.

This is the beginning of the road to success.
This is also the basics of self development in the sense of “self realization”
and the “Mastery of Self.”

Success is not something you acquire.
It is not a goal that you achieve.
Success is the ongoing process of being a useful contributor.
Success is what you make of yourself
and how others see you in relation to their needs.

Success is who you are in essence.
Your success manifests as fulfilment.

This fulfilment can take any form (worldly, spiritual or both)
depending on one’s level of understanding and appreciation of life.

One of the keys to success is “giving”, or being of service (to others or to life in general).

The more that you give meaningfully, the more “space” you create within yourself
for the flow of life’s abundance in various forms,
to come your way.

This is really the basic understanding of the so-called “LAW OF ATTRACTION.”
Not many see it this way.