Be The Difference !

Personal Development can be looked upon
as a game to be enjoyed.

There is no winner and no loser,
only evolving consciousness.

What is this world filled with people and things?
Why do some get ahead and others “drop out”?


Be a “player” in this game!
BE a meaningful contribution.
You can make yourself and others feel better!
Really feel better and not in the ‘mind’ only.

Participation in this game of “Mastery of Self”
is not a mental practice. It demands your full
commitment as consciously evolving life!

BE the difference. Don’t just think about it.

You set the example, you become the hero,
You don’t do it for the results, they will come on their own.

Do you do it at all? Or is it done through you?

It is your INTENTION that sets the
course of action and manifests the results
that you call “MY LIFE”.